Meat Loaf

In 1977  Meatloaf emerged as something other than what’s good on the menu. With the amazing success of  the album Bat Out of Hell, Meat (or Mr. Loaf as the NY Times once referred to him) and his songwriting partner Jim Steinman had created an instant rock classic.   Shortly after it’s release, we sat down in a New York recording studio to explore this diverse collection of theatrical rock ‘n’ roll produced by Todd Rundgren. Among other things, I wanted to find out how New York Yankee legend Phil Rizzuto had become a pivotal part of “Paradise By the Dashboard Light.”

Nearly thirty years later (Aug 17, 2006) Meatloaf and I would sit-down again, only this time it was at WFUV as he was just about to release Bat Out of Hell 3.

You can hear the entire show here